Meet The Team

Owner & Director Tatiana Capozzoli

A little bit about me, Tatiana Capozzoli.

I graduated at Laban, the Conservatory of Contemporary Dance in London, with a BA in Movement & Dance. This allowed me to thoroughly develop a deep understanding of the body and movement.

I then moved to Amsterdam where I started up my own Dance Company (of which I was the choreographer & director. The Dance Company performed and gave classes and workshops internationally.

During my studies I also successfully finished a 3 year long training course in Pilates, which allowed me to become a Pilates teacher in the Netherlands in 2006.

This marked the start of my teaching career. It turned out that I love teaching and I decided to also further my Pilates certifications and furthermore chose to become a Certified Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga teacher and Barre Teacher. It is incredibly rewarding to be able to share my knowledge & passion for movement on a daily basis.


Isabelle Nelson

Isabelle Nelson is a born and bred Kiwi from New Zealand!

Her love and passion for movement has been there as long as she can remember. She trained at the ‘NZ School of Dance,’ and went onto work as a professional dancer both nationally and internationally with the opportunity to work on both large scale and more community-based projects.

Alongside this her passion and dedication toward teaching, inspiring and helping others through movement and self.

‘I am very excited to be able to work alongside ImoveAmsterdam to share with you all my own passion for movement.

Patrick Radu

Originally from Germany, calling Amsterdam home for many years – with his wide and varied background in the performing arts – Patrick has a broad knowledge and understanding of the body. By many he is considered a „Movement Guru“.

Pilates, Yoga, Gyrotonics and other fitness related practices helped Patrick prevent injuries and discover his balance after retiring from his full time dance career.
Movement has always been an important part of Patrick’s life. In his classes he inspires his students to enhance their strength and mind-body wellness through physical exercise.
Zooming out of yourself, indulging into Patrick’s quirky character and high energy classes, YOU will definitely leave the room sweaty, accomplished and welcoming your next adventure with a big smile!

His main focuses are Pilates, Barre, Movement lessons and coaching.
Patrick is a fully certified Pilates Studio and Barre Instructor.

Dereck Cayla

Dereck Cayla Is French Born; dancer at heart and a certified Pilates & Yoga instructor.
Derek has taught Pilates and Yoga in Amsterdam since 2017.

‘To me Pilates is a wonderful support to heal and restore balance between body and mind and bringing this wonderful tool to others is what motivated me to become a teacher.

I started at a young age, movement practice first with gymnastics and then I encountered hip hop and jazz dance, from there I studied more seriously Ballet and modern dance and pursued a career as an international dancer.

I’m currently teaching in various studios in Amsterdam besides my dance career.

My interest in pilates lies in the possibility this technique offers to draw the attention back towards the body. In my dynamic classes I try to accompany people in developing strength and movement skills that can reinforced their postures and prevent them from injuries. To me it is important to allow the body to move in different ways in order to counteract the staticity of our lives.’

I believe that Pilates offers a way to build up a strong sense of core which allows freedom of all kind, in both body and mind.

Marialuisa Lattene

Marialuisa, originally from Sicily, Italy is a professional dancer and a Pilates Teacher, based in Amsterdam. At the age of 6 she started practicing artistic gymnastics, soon finding her feet for dance discovering her inner passion for communication through movement. She began her professional dance education in her hometown and relocated to Amsterdam in 2011 to embrace the vibrant creative arts scene and broaden her experience across multidisciplinary performing arts.

Since then has taken part in many projects, performances, dance festivals around the Netherlands working as well for the Dutch National Opera & Ballet, in addition to teaching modern and contemporary dance at all levels in Amsterdam. Pilates has always been a major part of her dance training, practice and teaching keeping her in shape and helping with injury prevention and recovery. She became a Pilates instructor in Amsterdam enabling a safe working and teaching environment focused on injury prevention during performance.

Florence Liang

Florence is an Australian born certified yoga teacher based in Amsterdam. She was first introduced to yoga as a way to balance her Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training. Since then she has dedicated her time to yoga and sharing the benefits of how this practice can transform your health and wellbeing physically and above all mentally and emotionally.

Her classes are dynamic and energising but remain a welcoming space for all – no matter the experience, as Florence truly believes that yoga is for everybody and every body.”