ImoveAmsterdam will guide you through a yoga, pilates and barre journey and more via our mindful holistic and yet challenging offering.

You will develop self discovery through breathing techniques and you will achieve physical development using strenghtening and alignment techniques. Making you leave our classes feeling reenergized and more self aware from the inside out.

All ImoveAmsterdam classes are given by expert teachers that have dedicated their life to movement (meet the team).


ImoveAmsterdam Aroma Flow Yoga – This class is a dynamic flow class, where breath and focus will help you connect deeply with yourself. In this class you will flow from one posture to the next, combining this experience with the use of high quality essential oils. Which are diffused or topically applied by the teacher during class. This is a wonderful way to enter the weekend feeling strong and letting go of all unnecessary stress created during our busy lives. See schedule


ImoveAmsterdam Pilates – Pilates is a postural alignment technique that focuses on strengthening your body from the inside-out, improving your strength and balance while enhancing your posture and focus. You will develop breath and fluidity of movement while advancing core stability, overall strength and flexibility. ImoveAmsterdam offers various levels of classes: Beginner, Beginner/Intermediate and Intermediate/Advanced. See schedule


ImoveAmsterdam Barre – combines elements of Ballet, Pilates & Yoga. The perfect balance between ballet postures and techniques, the precision of Pilates and flexibility and strength from yoga. All the while challenging it all with a sport conditioning formula. The result is a fit and balanced body. See schedule